A New Freedom In Stock Music For Creators2021-05-03T08:18:57+00:00

Try A New Freedom in Stock Music & Sounds!
Only $1.49 For The First Month.

Customize 3,500+ music tracks and over 40,000 sound FX to create outstanding audio for your project. All in your browser!

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Only $1.49 For The First Month

“Wow, you guys did a great job here. I love that you can freely mix the stock music and even automate it.”

“Surprised and absolutely convinced.”

“Adding pro-grade music to 10 videos a day and still have time for shooting footage? Done!”

“Their music is really well recorded, and you even get great effects, like how you can adjust the music to your project – it makes it sound like this stuff was recorded just for you.”

“Amazing. I’m in the video editing business for quite some time but I’ve never seen something like this before.”

“What I like more than other stock music libraries is their cool features, like how you can change each song to any length to fit what you’re working on.”

“For me as a content creator my projects stand or fall with music. Create Music makes it possible to adapt the tracks to the project and simplifies making my content stand out.”

“I’m no audio editor and often fear to make music editing mistakes others would notice. With Create Music, I don’t need to worry about those and can focus on the content.”

“Thank you so much! Create Music made adding music to my videos fun instead of a necessary load. It just works so fast.”

“High quality music, easy handling browser app with impressive and time-saving features.”

Make Your Content Stand Out!

Professional music, perfectly synced to your content with only a few clicks.
All the magic happens in your browser – no additional software needed.

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Unique & Powerful Features for Creators

Create Music is the only solution that automatically edits music to any length!
You don’t need customization? Then simply use the music as it is.

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Getting great sounding music that’s interlocked with your content is a piece of cake with Create Music. Simply click the EXPLORE DEMO PROJECT button below the video to open it in your browser and see how easy it is.

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Create Music Is Your Ultimate Time-Saver!

Create Music is the perfect choice for creators, video editors, podcasters, and content providers. It offers a unique feature palette that can’t be found anywhere else. We built it to optimize your workflow in terms of customization, quality, and FUN! Create Music has it all.


 Only with Create Music you can freely customize the length, mix, and variations of the tracks.


All tracks that you create with Create Music are cleared forever, which means once you have licensed a soundtrack, you can use it for this specific project forever without any future payments!


Create Music works in your web browser – you don’t need to install or update any software.


Create Music is not AI-driven, you get hand-made music from our team of composers.


We will be constantly updating the application in conjunction with you, our users. As a result, we will add more features you need and improve where you need it the most.


Create Music is THE best, THE fastest, and THE easiest way to add professional grade music to your projects.

Here Are Your Options


  • Browse through all music tracks

  • Browse through all sound effects

  • Customize tracks

  • Use the timeline

  • Import a reference Video

  • Save favorites

  • Save / Load Projects

  • Export MP3 preview

  • Export WAV without watermark

  • Music License
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  • Browse through all music tracks

  • Browse through all sound effects

  • Customize tracks

  • Use the timeline

  • Import a reference Video

  • Save favorites

  • Save / Load Projects

  • Export MP3 preview

  • Export WAV without watermark
  • Music License
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a large variety of music?2020-06-02T07:22:59+00:00

A huuuge variety. We currently have over 4,000 different tracks. Counting Create Music’s customization options and variations, there are over 2,500,000 different possible variations. And on top of that, our musicians are hard at work spinning out new albums, month after month. With this variety and your own adjustments, this ensures that you will always have original music for your podcast and videos.

Can I use the tracks on TV? YouTube? Podcasts?2020-06-02T07:22:30+00:00

Absolutely! Once you export it, it’s yours to use any way you see fit, 100% royalty free. One export per project, and make sure you follow the terms of your license. That is, if you’re using your track for a third-party project, make sure that you have a Business plan.

I only need one track. Can’t I buy just one?2020-06-02T07:22:30+00:00

Not at this time, sorry. If this is something you’d be interested in, please let us know! However, we think it’s pretty safe to say that our monthly subscription is cheaper than most of our competitors’ single track purchases.

Can you explain the pricing?2020-06-02T07:22:30+00:00

We’ve come up with a very simple and easy licensing plan. For single users, it’s just $9.90 per month, billed monthly, with unlimited use of our royalty free music. If you’re producing videos or using our music in client projects, then it’s $14.90 per month billed monthly.

How often does the music catalog get updated?2020-06-02T07:22:59+00:00

Our team of hard working musicians releases one or two albums of original stock music for your soundtracks each month.

How are audio files exported with Create Music?2020-06-02T07:22:59+00:00

Previews are exported as mp3 files containing an audio watermark, finished projects are exported as 48 kHz WAVs.

What happens if I cancel my subscription?2020-06-02T07:22:29+00:00

Once you cancel your subscription, your plan will run out at the end of your current subscription period. Your licenses are valid in perpetuity for the projects they were originally used for. You will always have access to download copies of your licenses, though you will lose the option to export any projects.