4 easy ways to make your project pop

Whether working on a podcast or a YouTube video, these often overlooked tricks can make your project stand out from all the rest.

Project perfection

Imagine coming up with the perfect podcast or YouTube idea. You get the video made, but then everything just falls flat. You’ve got your clever idea, your smooth and sexy voice (at least post-edit), all the right equipment and software, but there’s just something missing.

There’s nothing to keep up the beat of the content outside of clever cut takes. And there’s no lack of cuts in videos these days, are there?

People are cutting so much that YouTube is starting to look like a glitch-hop video. That’s okay though. It looks cool and it allows you to mess up on your lines as many times as necessary. But outside of learning about cuts and transitions, what can you do to make your work stand out from the crowd? To really make your videos more engaging and come to life?

Music and sound.

A theme song with your intro and outro and some sound effects to go along with your visuals can go a long way to spicing up your content and truly keeping the viewers’ and listeners’ attention.

That’s where Create Music comes in. Not only is it a great source for soundtracks, but it’s also an easy-to-use browser for themes and sound effects.

Fast and easy

To find a theme, all you have to do is open our app and type in what kind of music you think would fit your blog. From swing to dubstep, we’ve got lots of choices for you. A really neat feature I love is that you can select how long you want it to play. Say your intro is exactly 15 seconds. You just type in 15 seconds and whenever you “Add track to timeline”, it magically converts the song into a 15-second masterpiece.

Do you think it should be a little longer or shorter? No problem there either. Just click and drag.

It’s even easier than applying an Instagram filter.

Okay, maybe it’s not that easy. But the whole process to find a tune and render it out shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes, unless you just get distracted by all the great variety and how fun it is to listen to the different variations of the songs. I’ll admit that sometimes I get sucked in for hours playing with the app.


Make your podcast pop with a quality sound track and sound effects

Variations and mix

That’s the other thing I want to mention. Not only can you find your theme music easily, but also each track on the app comes with five or six variations. That means you can put different tracks in your project with the same musical motif. Just select the drop down box “variation” and see all the ways you can change it up.

That’s not all though. You can mix it up even more by playing with instruments. Say for one scene you just need a drum beat and maybe a bass. Instead of choosing a different song or variation, you can just click on the “select a mix” drop down and choose from there, or design your own mix from the list of instruments and volumes below.

Even though the adaptive intros and outros for the music is one of my favorite things on the app, you might not want an intro if you want to snap directly to a scene with music. Perhaps you’ve got a travel blog and you want to flip to a scene where you’re walking around the city, and you want a strong drum beat to instantly go with the cut.

That’s easy too.

Once you have your mix set up, then you can chop off the front and the back using the “trim” button which is right above the timeline. If you’re not sure about this yet, then just render it without trimming and play around with it in your video editor. You can always just trim it there as well.

stock music for filming

Change the variation and mix to fit any scene for your project

Adding sound effects

A lot of podcasters and YouTubers don’t realize the value of good sound effects. Whether it’s adding a touch of cheesy comedy with laughing effects, swiping sounds to go with transitions, or a bloop or a pop to go with an image sliding up the screen, these little things are what really brings your project to life.

It’s easy to add sound effects to your podcast or video with the Create Music app, and we’ve got loads of professionally recorded sound effects. The app has a tab specifically for sound effects, and then you can find all the tags used for the indexing. Just find something that suits your need and add it to the timeline.

Here is where I’d suggest just loading up all the sound effects that you would need for your project and then rendering that out as one file. You’d then open it in your DAW or video editor, depending on if you’re doing a podcast or video, and slice it up there.

No matter your project, you need a soundtrack and sound effects to really bring it to the next level. And both are super easy to get with Create Music. If you’re not convinced now, try it for yourself. We are offering your first month free, and you get a permanent license for each track you prepare for a specific project. That means you can upload a project to YouTube with during this free month and never worry about the music licensing.

Keep creating! And let me know your favorite feature in the contents.

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