7 Albums for a perfect valentine’s ad

Do you have your Valentine’s Day ads ready to roll? Have you picked the right music? Read on for our top album pics.

We’re just three weeks away from Valentine’s Day, with yet an uneasy start to the new year. That means the tock is clicking to get your ads ready for this modern celebration of love. Create Music has a lot of great royalty free tunes for romantic and pensive ads, with our added benefit that they can all be modified to fit your tracks perfectly. Change the length, mix, add sound effects, and more for a very low monthly subscription cost. What’s more to offer?

These albums are good jumping off points to get your search started. You can also search the tags for “romantic” or use the Romance playlist.

Love Stories

romantic stock music

Tender and thoughtful melodies perfect for supporting your emotional narrative. Ideal for telling an intimate story between two people. Pensive, melancholy and romantic, these selections give gentle support for your most intimate and sentimental visuals. These tracks are mostly acoustic, ranging from piano to guitar melodies.

Smooth Frequencies

Lo-fi hip hop stock music royalty free

Turn up the thermostat before playing these chilled-out tunes. Crackling lo-fi tracks bring back to the table boom bap grooves for a complete consultation in cool. Complete with vinyl crackles, lounge pianos, and wavering trumpets, these jazzy hip-hop melodies are just what’s needed to glue the groove for your love montage.

Tres Jolie

french stock music

There is no romance like that in France, so they say. Swingin’, romantic and evocative – perky violin and clarinet leads in a live hot jazz band with acoustic guitars, accordion, bass, and drums. Perfect to add a spice of fun romance to even the most boring of plots. Put a pinch of Django into your Valentine’s feature.

Nova Page & 21AD

Romantic stock music Valentine's Day

Nova Page’s unique and beautiful voice along with her love-centered lyrics are perfect for a sentimental montage. Nova Page and 21AD deliver an outstanding and infectious performance that will help propel any dynamic, contemporary video.

Weekend Vibes

dance stock music royalty free

This mix of ambient and urban styles mostly keep a positive vibe with an otherwise modern edge, taking us across rainy city streets into a world of oceanic sunsets and beachside lounges. The tight grooves, led by either a melodic piano or a deep, moving bass are perfect to set the mood for a romantic evening at a lounge or restaurant.


Chillout Stock music

Lean back and soak in the relaxing, inspiring atmosphere this album creates with its modern, clean, laid-back sound. Pluck your audience right out of their gray everyday routine and encourage to ponder, recharge, and feel the love.

Gentle & Beautiful

Romantic stock music royalty free

Softly, slowly and tenderly captivating the audience, this album shines as a true gem in all heartfelt and emotional passages. Maintaining a consistent instrumental palette of soft piano and subtle orchestration, each piece develops its own unique dynamic and message, unfolding the album’s wide range of powerful emotions and nuances – from painting acoustic glimmers of light to the depths of the human mind.

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