Changing the length of a stock music track

A good and fitting soundtrack is pivotal for any piece of media, whether it’s a vlog or a podcast, or an ad or a documentary. The cheapest and easiest option is to get stock music, but often it’s so inflexible that it’s necessary to change your video to fit the music. But with our stock music, we take the opposite approach. Create Music makes it so that the music can change to fit your project.

There are two main ways to change the length of our stock music to fit your project, so that it sounds as though the music were custom prepared just for you. And you can get this quality in just a few clicks. The first is using our standard change length feature and the second is by using trim-mode.

The change length feature

Our standard length-changing feature is, in my opinion, the most amazing. With just a click and a drag on the far edge of the track, you can re-write the music to have the full piece fit your project. Where each track is typically written between 2 and 5 minutes, our composers and programmers have figured out a way to seamless extend the tracks by up to 15 minutes, and to reduce the track to seconds. The track will change with intros, outros, and climaxes. It’s really an amazing feature to use and entertaining even just to play with. It’s almost, in the words of Freddy Mercury, a kind of magic.


Of course, if you don’t want the track to change automatically to fit your clicking and dragging, it doesn’t have to. You can activate Trim-mode, which will allow you to drag the edge of the track to exactly where you want it to end. So if you want the music to cut off mid-beat, guitar riff, or synth anthemic rave drop, you can do that too without a problem.

Extend and blend past 15 minutes

If you want a track to extend for more than 15 minutes, there is a trick to work around this limit. You can lay out the track twice for 15 minutes and 15 minutes. Then use the trim mode to cut it short on the end of the first and the beginning of the second. Using the volume fade in and fade out trick we learned in a previous blog, you can then position them so that they overlap. Make sure to listen close to where the downbeats are.

Now, at the beginning and end of each fadeout, you can Add a Mix Change, and play with the fade ins and outs of the different instruments, so that the changeover becomes seamless. This might take a little bit of playing with, but eventually you can design your own, near seamless 30+ minute-background track.

Don’t let the times keep you down. With Create Music, you never have to worry about your minute limits again.

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