Create Music 2020 in review

2020 was a rough year to start our service. But we still had some great moments and albums.

2020 has been a difficult year across the world and an interesting year to start up a business. As we approach the New Year and the light at the end of the tunnel (at last!), it’s still good to look back and take in what good did happen in the year and give thanks for those things. No matter how small, it’s the good things that keep us going.

Even before 2020, Create Music had long been in the works. It was somewhat of a dreamchild of our founder, Pierre Langer, even since he got a hold of the Smartsound company. Read more about his thoughts on it here. It finally came into real fruition this year, as the website came online in May and we started seeing more and more customers trying it out.

So what are we thankful for?


We want to thank you for trying out our service, staying with us, and growing with us.

We have a lot of great plans for the New Year. We’ve recently made the site a lot more podcast-friendly, and overhauled the GUI after some customer feedback. Next on our list is to make a mobile version of our app, so that it’s even easier to use it for your projects on the go.

If there’s anything you’d like to see improved or added, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

With all that said, I’d like to share with you our most successful albums of 2020. Check them out and see if they inspire you for any of your projects.


Viral Pop

dance club stock music

Feel the energy in this selection of hot, daring titles from the peak of music trends worldwide! Fresh grooves, audacious rhythms, catchy synth lines, driving beats and original instrumentation across the board; all of which can be customized inside Create Music’s adaptive music technology on the fly.

Endless Summer

EDM stock music

Inject the groove into your audience’s mood with this collection of positive melodies. This album is laced with upbeat rhythms, inspiring guitar and electric piano grooves, and dance beat kicks. Adapt any one of the tracks using Create Music’s custom length and mix features and make them perfect for your next project.

Dreams Atmosphere

royalty free background musicWelcome to a deeply meditative experience that explores vast sonic atmospheres and invites your audience to let their emotion take the spotlight. This album is packed with tranquil, immersive music that is instantly customizable in length, mix and variation inside Create Music.

Dance Rush

Dance club stock musicThis album celebrates the energy, power and enthusiasm of EDM in all its forms, colors and flavors. From midsummer party beaches over blazing festival stages to neon-lit underground clubs – Dance Rush delivers the hot, spicy blend of styles that move the masses. With this album you always have full control over the instrument mix and track length inside Create Music.


dance stock music royalty free

This mix of ambient and urban styles mostly keep a positive vibe with an otherwise modern edge, taking us across rainy city streets into a world of oceanic sunsets and beachside lounges. The tight grooves, led by either a melodic piano or a deep, moving bass are perfect to further explore Create Music’s Mood Mapping engine, where you can change the length and beat as you need them for your project.


Got the Guts

rock metal stock music royalty free

These modern orchestral sounds, articulate guitar riffs and thudding kicks complement each other perfectly to form a dark palette of epic, assertive tracks that are entirely editable using Create Music’s unique technology: Change the length, mix, and arrangement to make them perfectly match your needs.

Chilled & Shaken

jazz stock musicCool, mellow and shaken up. A great combination of tracks that can be used for subtle mood enhancement, dramatic inspiration or a stylish corporate image.

Amotz Plessner 7

cinematic stock music royalty freeBrought to you by Create Music’s signature composer team comes this collection of fresh, vivid, modern tracks with bright acoustic arrangements, edgy synth lines, emotive passages and energizing grooves. Powered by Create Music’s cutting edge technology, this versatile album easily fits any length, mix and timing progression.

Ambient Flux

Ambient stock music

Ambient Flux is a perfect and subtle companion for modern electronic soundtracks with a retro-ambient twist. Flowing synthesizer pads, vibrant basses and colorful melodies paired with nuanced electronic beats create a uniquely pleasant balanced pulse that takes your sound straight to the modern here and now. The 10 tracks range from calm and pleasant to vibrant, playful and driving, offering you an accurate and varied selection of styles. With Create Music’s customization options, this album is a timeless and substantial treasure for many years to come.


EDM stock music

Building upon layers of instruments and sentimentality, this collection leaves listeners full of hope and inspiration. Each track is uplifting and encouraging, to deliver the motivational energy at the speed of life. Create Music allows you to adjust the instrumentation and climax, along with changing the length to perfectly fit your project.

Happy New Year from the team at Create Music and here’s to a year full of many successful projects to come!

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About the Author:

Born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA, after a long bout of traveling the world, Shawn Basey finally settled down in the fantastic town of Tbilisi, Georgia in the steps of the Caucasus Mountains. Working as the main blog and content writer and editor for Create Music since February 2020, he also plays accordion, makes electronic music, writes novels, and helps bars, podcasters and YouTubers in the behind the scenes during his free time.