Create Music and Viddyoze: Make your own branded video asset

Discover how well these two tools work together to make you an amazing and unique intro.

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create music and viddyoze

In this blog, I’ll quickly walk you through the process of creating an intro with Viddyoze, and then adding sound effects and music with Create Music, highlighting three examples in the process.

What is Viddyoze?

They’re similar to Create Music in that they make automated tools for content creators. Their specific niche is on animated intros, transitions, outros, and any other bits you might want animated in a social media video. Let’s walk through the process.

viddyoze asset screen

With Viddyoze’s Template Club, gain access to over 1500 video assets

First, choose what kind of asset you want, using the bar on the left. Their assets come in three sizes, landscape, portrait, and square, perfect for Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook posts. When you find the video that you like, click on the “customize” button.

From there, you’ll be given the option to upload your logo. You can choose which colors you want the animation to appear in to make sure that it matches your brand (read our blog about creating a brand).

viddyoze video screen add stock music

Upload your logo and change many other aspects of the video from this screen

They do have a selection of audio tracks you can choose from, but why not further customize it and head over to Create Music?

At this point you’re done making your video. Click on Preview to make sure everything looks good, and then Create. The screen will disappear, but don’t worry. You can find your new asset in your account. Click on the membership icon on the top right, and select the “My Videos” option on the dropdown. You’ll find the newly created asset in this folder once it’s done rendering.

creating stock music

Click on My Videos to access your assets

Adding custom background music and effects to your asset

Below are three examples, the first we’ll walk through to show you how to select the right music and effects for your asset. Getting the right sounds is very import, as this is what creates the full experience of any animation or video. A video without a good soundtrack has only half the impact. Don’t take sound for granted, as it is one of the defining parts of your brand.

Each process is essentially the same, so let’s just walk through the first one.

How to add the music

First, check out the project here. We added the video into the player by dragging and dropping it.

stock music create vblog intros

Click here to access the project file and see how it was made

Most of the music tracks in our collection will have one shots or short bits that make for good intro, outro, or transition sounds. We clicked on the search bar and found something nice and modern. An easy way to find this would be to search “corporate” or “EDM”. Make sure to set your desired track length to 10 seconds.

Now that you have your initial sound, make sure that it matches with the video. You’ll see on the sound wave image where the hit occurs. Line that up – by clicking and dragging the track – with where you want it to happen in the video. If you need to change the length, just click and drag on either end of the track. Notice how we’ve placed the hit where the gate is opening to reveal our logo.

How to add effects

You could finish there and still be fine. But if you want to add that extra polish and audio engagement, then it’s a good idea to add some sound effects to boost it. With this, it’s good to look at the video and decide what it needs.

Our video starts with entering into a mechanical-looking tunnel, flying through, then hitting a gate, which opens to reveal the logo. We decided that another impact sound would be good to start with, than a whoosh to simulate the flying through the tunnel, and then the main “brand sound” for the logo reveal.

create music royalty free stock music

Everything starts at the white search bar

Click on the search bar, and under SEARCH select Sound effects. Here we wanted an “impact” and something “metallic”. First we typed in “impact”, and from the list decided to go with “impact:cinematic”. That sounds big and epic. We refined the search further and next typed in “metallic”. That gave us a good selection. We clicked through until we found the perfect one, and then added it to the timeline.

We did the same for the whoosh sound. First, we typed, “whoosh”. We thought “science fiction: whoosh” was probably an appropriate category, considering the video. Going down the list, we found something nice and rumbly to match the video.

We then lined up the whoosh so that the main climax happens just for the musical hit.

And there you go. Go ahead and check out these other two examples we have for you and look closely at the timeline to gain some insight:

Example 2

Example 3

If you’d like further help in preparing your music and using our app, check out our main tutorial here.

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