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Discover all the features behind Create Music’s revolutionary stock music app.

Create Music revolutionizes the way a person sees stock music. No longer is stock music a stale and overused track, recycled from one user to the next. With Create Music, you can take a stock music track and easily bend it and shape it to make it unique to your project. This guide steps through every feature and shows you how to turn your stock music track to a fully customized soundtrack.

The Create Music web app opens on our Albums page. Here you can see an array of our latest albums, the timeline, the search engine, and the Video and Audio loading area. We’ll explain all these windows throughout this tutorial, so grab your popcorn and have a seat.

Loading a reference track

A great feature on Create Music is the ability to use your project as a reference in creating your soundtrack. Simply drag and drop your rendered Video or Audio project onto the Load Video/Audio box. Note: It is not uploaded onto our servers, but remains on your local machine. You can then use this to line up any sound changes or effects that you’ve created on the timeline.

Screenshot stock music create music

Drag your audio or video project to the box

Selecting music or sound effects

This is where you select whether you’re looking for music or sound effects. Click the button accordingly.

Screenshot search for stock music

The search panel and the search bar

Set desired Track Length

Before beginning your rigorous search, it’s good to set the length of the track here. Create Music’s magical engine allows any song to be adjusted to any time (up to 15 minutes). Though the track previews will play their original length, when you add them to the timeline, they will add according to this setting. Don’t worry, you can adjust them further at any time once they’re in the timeline.

You can also just add the full track to the timeline by selecting “Full”.

stock music track length

Set the track length


Access the search engine via the search bar. Here you can type in any word and it will search by six metrics: Track, Genre, Attribute (mood, descriptive adjective), Production (e.g. horror, holiday), Instrument, and Album. Simply type in a word and see the variety of tags as a result. Select your tag and the Albums will automatically filter accordingly. You can do more searches to add more tags.


Search stock music

Search using tags

Track Explore

You can explore various aspects of a track here before adding it to your project.

stock music search track list

Browse stock music tracks on the track list



Pressing “Play” will give you the full version of the track.

When you search by Track, you will have a list of tracks that are easy to preview. To preview the full version of a song, press the play icon to the left of the Track title. You can also select the Album title underneath the track, and it will bring you to the Track List for the Album.

Play stock music

Press play to hear the original track

Add to favorites

You can add a track to your Favorites List by clicking on the heart. You can recall all your favorites by clicking on the bar above.


If you want to listen to various parts of the track, click on different sections of the sound wave.


The track BPM is listed here.

Add or remove tags

You can add and remove tags here, and it will immediately update the track list.

Find stock music

Add or remove tags

Add track to timeline

By clicking on the Add Track button, it will add the track to the timeline. However, the length of this track will be determined by the Track Length set at the beginning of your search. If the Search panel is no longer open (e.g. if you’re in Album View), then click on Back To Search. You can also change the length after you’ve added it to the timeline, but clicking and dragging on the edge of the track’s graphic.

The track will be added to the timeline where the Playhead is located. You can adjust the position of the track by clicking and dragging on it.

Add track to timeline

Add the track to the timeline

Replace track in timeline

If at any time you’d like to swap the music with something new from your search, click Replace Track In Timeline. The newly replaced track will have all the same length, automation, trim, and volume parameters of the former track. Be sure to make sure the track you want to replace on the timeline is highlighted. Click on it if it is not.

Replace stock music

Replace the track in the timeline

Download full version of track

If you’re not interested in taking advantage of Create Music’s other features and simply want the track in its original and full form, click Download. You will be given two options: One to Download as Preview, and the other as Full Track. If you download it as a Preview, then you will get the mp3 version with a watermark. This version will not count against you on your download limit. You can use this watermarked track to then make sure everything is perfect in your video or audio editor. Then download Full Track if everything is good to go.

download stock music track

Download the track

Common editing and navigation functions

It is very intuitive to navigate the Create Music timeline.

Navigate stock music

The Navigation Bar

Stop/Play/Mix changes

In the center are the standard Stop, Play, and Skip functions. The button typical for “next track” goes to the next or previous Mix Change. Read more about Mix Changes in the Editing Music (Advanced) section.

Play stop track

Navigate the track


These buttons are on the far-left side of the navigation pane. As usual, Undo allows you to remove all the past changes since you loaded the App. Redo lets you redo the undone change.

Volume and Scale timeline

These two sliders let you control the volume of the track and the scale of the project. The volume change affects the entire track. To affect only the volume of the track, use the Track Volume slider on the Customize Track pane.

Scale Timeline is useful for larger or more detailed projects. To zoom in on where the cursor is, drag left on the scale. To zoom out, drag right. This effect can also be achieved by holding Ctrl and rotating the mouse-wheel.

Volume controls

Project volume and timeline scale

Navigate the timeline – click and drag or click on timeline

To scroll through the timeline, simply click and drag any blank area on the timeline.

Editing music (basic)

The real advantage of using the stock music from Create Music over that of our competitors is our editing. It’s so easy to make adjustments that will change the music and make it both truly unique and perfectly fit your project. No other stock music library can boast the same. From this section you can learn to tap into the huge and powerful potential that is at your mouse clicks.

Before checking out these features, let’s get to the Customize Track pane. Double click on any track in the timeline and it should come up on the left. If the Search Results are still showing, simply click on the X at the top right of the pane. This will both widen your reference track pane and bring up the Customize Track pane.

Customize track

Unleash the power of Create Music with our track customization features

Track volume

The volume of the highlighted track is controlled using this slider. To change the volume within the track, see the Automation Mode section. To change the overall volume of the project, use the slider on the navigation bar, just above the timeline on the right.

Change the length

Changing the length of a stock music track is one of the most powerful features of the Create Music app. And it’s so easy. Just hover over the border line of your track on the timeline on the right or left end. When the cursor changes to a horizontal double arrow, click and drag to your desired length. The music will automatically and seamlessly adjust.

Select variation

Another great feature is that each track has anywhere from two to ten variations. These might be slightly different arrangements, to entirely different styles. Very helpful to use if you’re making a show or episode where you want a consistent sound, but you don’t want the exact same music.

track volume

Adjust the volume, change the variation and mix

Select Mix/Customize the Mix

Next to the length feature, this is the most powerful feature of Create Music. To fully understand how powerful this feature is, select a preset mix from the dropdown Select Mix menu. If you select Dialogue, for instance, notice how everything in the mixer section lowers, and instruments most likely to conflict with dialogue are dropped out completely.

Mixer section

Create your own mix

Using this cleverly, you can make truly unique sounds for your production. You can even change the mix settings within a track. Go to the Add/Remove Mix Change section to see how to do that.

Editing music and FX (advanced)

There are a few more powerful features of the Create Music app to push your stock music to the next level and truly and professionally make it part of your project. These are found on the left-hand part of the navigation bar above the timeline.

Advanced stock music editing

Adjust every detail to perfect your project here

Add/Remove Mix Change

You can assign two or more different mixes over the duration of a track. If you want the melody on one part to fade out to only the rhythm, this can easily be achieved using the Add Mix Change button. Just move the Playhead to where you want to put in the mix change and click the button. When a mix has been inserted, you’ll see a slider below the Select Mix. This slider allows you to adjust the incoming mix change. Click on the section before the mix to adjust the time. You can fade in a mix change over any duration from 1 to 2000 milliseconds. It’s possible to add as many mix changes as you’d like on a track.

To remove a Mix Change, simply click on the Remove Mix Change button. The mix change to the left of the Playhead will be removed.

Mix changes

Making a mix change

Automation mode

Automation Mode allows you to make volume changes within the track. This is tremendously helpful when ducking the background audio to go under vocals. Click the Automation-Mode button or “a” on your keyboard to enter Automation Mode.

When the Automation-Mode is selected, you’ll see a yellow line going across the Track. The yellow line represents volume. Double click anywhere on the Track that you see a cross and it will create a node. Move the node up and down to affect the volume line. To fade in or out, you’ll need two nodes: Each node at the opposite end of the fade.

Adjusting the volume

Adjusting the volume within a track


Trim-Mode is used when you want to cut the track without the track automatically adjusting itself for a beginning or end. To do this, first activate Trim-Mode. Then move the cursor to the end you want to trim. When it changes to a double bar with arrows on both sides, you can then pull the track in as far as you’d like. When you let go, it will stop the music immediately at the cut without changing the track’s structure.


Trim the track without adjusting the intro/outro

Exporting the track

There are two options to export the track, found at the top right of the screen. You can Download Preview or Checkout Project. When you Download Preview, you’ll get a watermarked mp3 version. This will not count against your monthly download credits. You can use this version to make sure that all your settings and changes fit your project correctly. You can download a preview even without having a subscription. When you’re confident everything is in order, select Checkout Project. This will prompt you to sign in if you haven’t already, then allow you to download the project in .wav format.

Recalling a project

Your project automatically saves when you render it into a .wav. You can recall it by hovering over your membership icon on the top right. Highlight and click on Downloads. Then click in the Open In App button.

Download license

We will store your license here forever, even after you end a subscription. The license is valid forever for the specific project the track was made for. You can find it in the membership section. Hover over your membership icon on the top right. Highlight and click on Downloads.

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