More Customization

This tutorial explains the basics of how to use Create Music’s app to further customize your track. Learn how to change the mix, automation, and more!

Customize your track even more

As you have probably noticed already, the Create Music app has a lot of really deep ways to make our stock music into your own unique tracks. We went over the basics in the Customize Tracks tutorial here, and now we’ll show you all the other cool stuff you can do.

Change the mix

At any point, if you want the track to change variation or mix, you can:

  • Click on the track so that it’s selected (highlighted).
  • Next, click on the timeline where you want to split the track.
  • Click on the button with a + on it, where the mouseover says “Add mix change”. Likewise, if you want to remove the change, you can click on the symbol with a ­– where the mouseover says “Remove mix change”.
  • You can move the mix markers and adjust the transition time between the mix changes by clicking on the section before the change. Then below the variation and mix selection buttons, you’ll find the “Transition Time” slider. You can adjust that if you want a more gradual change of mixes.

Automation mode

Click on the automation button, which looks like a triangle wave. A yellow line appears on the track. This line controls the volume. Click anywhere on the track to add a node. You can add as many nodes as you want, to perfectly adjust the volume of your tracks. This is especially useful for manual voice ducking, so the music doesn’t overpower any dialogue.

Automate ducking of stock music

Automate the track ducking

Trim mode

Pressing the final button allows trim mode to be activated. With trim mode, you can change the length of the track without reshaping the music. This is especially useful if you prefer a fadeout or an instant cut. For a fadeout, just use this trick in combination with the automation mode feature.

Adjust trim of stock music

Adjust the trim of your track

Have fun discovering all the outcomes you can get with our tool, and don’t forget to share! Find us on Twitter and tag us on your projects.

If you need to review the basics, check out our main tutorial here.

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