Creator Talk: Marc Rosenberger

Marc knows to diversify to keep his dream of music making alive. Read more to find out more about this great composer.

Marc Rosenberger has been working as a composer for Dynamedion – our mother company – since 2008, making music for video games and American television. He studied Jazz Piano in university, an interest that directly led to his music career with the entertainment music design company. When he’s not working for Dynamedion, he’s doing his own sound design and teaching guitar and piano through his and playing guitar in a heavy metal band.

His latest stock music album for Create Music, Dreaming Piano, has met a great deal of success on our site. It’s a beautiful and unique collection of piano tracks that allows the user to mix the two hands he’s playing separately. The music moves from the pensive to peaceful, to the tense and tearful.

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Keep reading to find out more about Marc, another one of our great in-house composers.

Tell us a bit about yourself. How did you get into music?

I started taking classical piano lessons at the age of six. My Dad was a semi-professional guitar player and played in a Top 40s band, so I grew up with influences from pop, soul, rock music and whatever was around in the 70s and 80s…

How did you first make music part of your career?

Already at the age of 20 I was playing in cover bands and making a living from playing mostly pop and soul music. I studied Jazz Piano at the Musikhochschule für Musik und darstellende Kunst in Stuttgart and got more and more in contact with the local music scene, which brought me to all kinds of bands that I played and toured with for a few years. I played everything from jazz to soul, funk, pop, Brazilian music and rock…

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Marc Rosenberger at his studio

What got you started with making Create Music/Smart Sound albums?

Since 2008, I’ve been working as a composer for Dynamedion. I started with producing music for American TV and from there got into composing music for games. Today I write for Create Music and enjoy the freedom I have in creating the albums. Not working for a concrete project gives you a bit more space and freedom in your creative process. I still do music for games, but composing for Create Music is an interesting possibility to compose music in all kinds of genres.

What difficulties or challenges in your career have you had? How did you overcome them?

Not really big ones. Luckily, I always had jobs and clients willing to pay for what I do. Of course there are ups and downs but I always had a few piano students I teach, so I have financial safety and can relax when the phone hasn’t been ringing for a while. As a professional musician, you should have more than one source of income and it’s a good thing to be able to work in different environments. Presently I work as a composer, piano teacher and sometimes still as a live musician. I do studio work, which means being able to play, produce, mix and master music and for 10 years now I’ve been playing electric guitar in a really bad ass heavy metal band. A total contrast to all the “academic” or commercial music I make. I love the great spectrum of different styles and challenges…

Marc’s studio space

Tell us about the Dreaming Piano album. How would you describe it?

The Dreaming Piano album is a compilation of romantic, quiet and simple piano pieces, that are pleasant to listen to, but they are not too busy and that’s why they also work as music for the purpose they were created for: Multimedia/Film Projects with the need for music that delivers that romantic, thoughtful and quiet mood.

How did you come up with the idea?

As always it was a result of meetings with the people at Dynamedion who are responsible for the musical content of Create Music. They asked for piano music and the style they wanted was very much in my musical comfort zone, so it did not take us long to define the style and the mood we were heading for.

Dividing the two hands into different tracks is a really innovative idea. How did that idea come about?

That’s something, that came from the project managers. To be honest, I hated the idea, because it was a pain to make this happen. If you ever tried to split a piano part into two voices and make your sequencer program understand what happens to voice leading, use of sustain pedal, etc, then you know, what I am talking about. No fun at all. But in the end the customer has the possibility to work with the musical material in a way you would not expect from a single piano track and that was the goal.

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Marc’s studio space

What did you enjoy most about making this album?

The music is mostly improvised. This style of music is, what comes out of my fingers, when I don’t think too much and just let myself follow the little melodies flying around in my head. Most of the songs did not take longer than an hour to compose and play and that is pretty fast. But this effortlessness is what you hear in the music and I like that a lot.

How do you see these tracks being used? What genres of filmmaking/social media?

Hopefully in every kind of filmmaking/social media/multimedia context you can imagine. I mean, music delivers emotions and if the emotion of this album is what you need, you are welcome. I don’t think too much about every detail, how the music will be used. It’s music that is quiet enough to work in the background and interesting enough to catch the attention of the listener. Everything else is up to the customer…

Aside from making albums for Create Music, do you have any other musical projects going on? Can people find your recordings elsewhere?

If you want to get an overview about what I’m doing as a composer, I recommend my website There you can listen to music and also get information about other activities like piano schools, guitar schools and books I wrote…

Don’t miss Marc’s other stock music album on Create Music, Got the Guts, full of banging metal riffs and smashing industrial drums.

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