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Unlock Create Music’s powerful features with just a few clicks. Here’s how.

Create Music is easy to use and is surprisingly versatile. Just check out the video about Norway we made to give you an idea of how to use it. In this idyllic video, where the “raw power of nature meets the raw power of man,” we’ve laid out a slew of examples and tips. First watch the video, and then continue along here and we’ll go through all the things that have been done.



It’s not complicated either. It’s actually really easy. We first had our video and wrote the voiceover. When we were done with that, we uploaded it onto the app and set the music, adjusting the volume to give space for the voiceover, added some effects, and then boom.

Easy as that.

Here, let’s break it down.

Click here to see the edits we made using Create Music.

Or you can just refer to this screenshot. But if you follow along in the app, you can adjust everything for yourself.

adaptive stock music video editor

A screenshot of how the project looks. Notice the two music tracks (red) and the sound FX objects (blue).

Load your video

The first step we took was to load our Norway video. Simply click on the file and drop it onto the box.

Choose your music

Next is to pick which tracks fit your project the best. That’s the hardest part. For this one, I naturally wanted a heavy metal track, like from Got the Guts, because Norway. But our video editor went for something more light and nature-show sounding, so we went with two tracks actually, “In The Fields” from the #weekendvibes album and “Disruption” from the Reflection album.

Adaptive stock music

Most tracks have several variations

Look on the second track, Disruption (the image on the right). Notice how it says “Pulse” underneath the name? That’s the variation,

which isn’t the original song track. To change the song’s variation, go up to “Select Variation” and make your choice. Go ahead and try it. Changing the variation won’t change anything else about the track.


Now notice the two faint lines that are going zig zaggy through each track on the project? Press “A” to activate the Automation function. The yellow volume line should now appear where those faint lines once were and it should look like this:

automation and sound ducking

The automation line lets you change the volume at any moment

Here is where we matched the levels with my voice over. Just click twice to create a node, and then pull them down whenever I’m speaking. That makes the automation duck nicely out of the way. You can use this not just for voice ducking though. Notice how we’ve set it to fade in gradually with the fade in video transition?

Hit “A” again to turn off the Automation mode.


Look at where it says “Custom” on the bottom. This refers to the instrument mixer. For the intro we decided to turn down the drums, percussion, and FX. We turned up the percussion and FX at 00:13 and finally the drums at 00:22, with similar edits on the Disruption track.

To make a mix change yourself, simply find the edit bar and click on “Add Mix Change”.

stock music control track

Click the dark portion to split the mix

Then on each side of the split, you can have unique settings. You can control how quickly these two mix settings fade into each other by using the “Transition Time” slider, found above the mixer.

stock music mixer

Not your average stock music

Sound FX

After getting the music to set right, we decided to put in some sound effects. To see where we did that, click on a blank part in the timeline and move the timeline up. Then you’ll see all the blue objects, which are the sound effects found in our Search FX section.

stock music sound effects

Create Music’s stock music library includes thousands of sound effects

A nice percussive to announce the beginning, some waterfall sounds and nature sounds to add to the realism of the video. Those are all easy enough. Just search for FX on the app, and click and drag where you need them.

Notice also that you can apply automation to the effects.

Download your awesome new project

When you’re finished with your project, you’ll click “Checkout Project” and then you’re done!

Go ahead. Try making your own video with your own customized stock music.


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