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Get featured on our new blog spot: Creator Talk

Create Music wants all our users to succeed. That’s why we want to offer this chance for our users to be featured. We can show off your works and maybe even help you get some attention and exposure (we all hate that word, don’t we?).

What does it mean to be featured?


  1. Choose about 6 people for our Creator Talk feature every year
  2. Showcase your work across our social media channels
  3. Present you in a blog and talk about your hard work in a short interview
  4. Give you 6 months of our service FREE!!!

Show us what you’ve got. Let us know how you use Create Music and send us a link to any work you’ve done that features our music or sound FX. Next, we’ll choose our favorites. We’ll then let you know if and when it’s your turn for Creator Talk.

After you’ve received our email, then we’ll schedule you for an interview. This can be done over Skype or it can be written, whichever you prefer. We’d then need some of your favorite photos of yourself and your workplace so we can include them on our blog and Instagram. We’d link to all of your links, as well as any other project pages you’d like. We want people to find out about you and we want to do what we can to help you succeed.

Here’s what we’ll need from you:


    Even if you’re not featured in Creator Talk, we still want to give you a boost. Tag us in your social media and we’ll be sure to re-tweet and share your works.

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    About the Author:

    Born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA, after a long bout of traveling the world, Shawn Basey finally settled down in the fantastic town of Tbilisi, Georgia in the steps of the Caucasus Mountains. Working as the main blog and content writer and editor for Create Music since February 2020, he also plays accordion, makes electronic music, writes novels, and helps bars, podcasters and YouTubers in the behind the scenes during his free time.