How to Customize Tracks

This tutorial explains the basics of how to use Create Music’s app to easily customize your music for your project.

Customize Your Track

Create Music doesn’t just offer your typical stock music. With our busy composers, we’ve developed a whole library of music that can easily be adapted to specifically fit your content. It’s like having a composer of your own, for just a fraction of the cost. We’ve brought together a short tutorial here on some of the basic tips and tricks using the app. Once you get a hang of these, make sure to check out some ways you can edit the tracks even more here. If you’re an absolutely new here and need help with the real fundamentals, check out our full tutorial here.

Change Length On The Fly

You can change any track to any length and the music’s intro and outro will automatically and seamlessly adapt to it. Simply click and drag the end or the beginning of a region to your desired length. Currently the timeline has a maximum of 15 minutes. You can pre-determine the length using the “Desired Track Length” option below the initial search box.
On the right-hand side with the “Scale timeline” you can control the zoom and get down to the details of your track or zoom out and look at the bigger picture.

Change stock music length

Simply click and drag to change the length of the track

Customize Mix and Discover Variations

At the top left, there’s the “customize track” box, with several options. You will need to press “X” at the top right to exit the Search Results screen before accessing this.

Customize stock music track

Change the mix and mood of the track

Track Volume

You can adjust the individual track volume with the first slider.

Select Variation

Each track has 2-5 variations. That way, you can switch between variations if you don’t want the music to be repetitive, but still staying on theme.

Select the mix

You can select from a number of preset instrument mixes for each variation, or you can define your own using the list of instruments and volume sliders below.

More customization

Create Music’s powerful app does even more. Click here to learn how you can further customize your track, changing the volume, trim, and more!

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