Stock music for the holidays

It’s time to ring in the holiday season. Do you have your projects ready?

The holidays are coming. Despite the dumpster fire that 2020 has been for most of us, it’s still a time to be cheerful and merry. Because why not? It’s all coming to an end, the light is at the end of the tunnel, and here we can already begin to celebrate. Cue the cheery music, Hallmark moments, and fireworks.

Of course, with the holidays, it means you’ll be working on more holiday-themed projects. Create Music has more than enough to meet your needs. Below, I’ve linked to you our holiday playlist – a selection of some of the best of our tracks with holiday spirit – along with a collection of albums to browse through.

By the way, one feature you might not have known about Create Music is to search by playlists. At the top of the Search bar, you will find different filter options: TRACKS, ALBUMS, FAVORITES, and PLAYLISTS.

Clicking the playlist button, you will find that there are different themes in which we’ve collected various tracks. Check it out. Click on the HOLIDAY playlist, or the picture below, and it will show you a list of tracks that have a holiday feel.

Holiday stock music

To make your search easier, I’ve also listed some albums below that I think can add some holiday elements or feeling to any project.

Christmas Treasures

Christmas stock music

This Christmas-themed album features “Jingle Bells”, “12 Days of Christmas”, “Greensleeves”, and “Silent Night”. What’s really great about both of these albums are all the variations. Check out the variations, which often feature the songs in different styles of music. Be sure to also experiment with all the different instrument mixes, which can change the song from something out of an 80s movie, to a traditional sound or even rockabilly.

Holiday Magic

Holiday stock music

Of course, the first go-to albums for holiday music were the ones specifically made for the holidays, both with classic holiday tunes like “Deck the Halls”, “Auld Lang Syne”, and a klezmer-inspired song, “Hannukah”. The album also includes tracks that are just general holidays, without anything specifically religious about them. The tracks here do not have the mix feature, however they do each have lists of variations that give some alternate flavor to the musical arrangements.

Happy Swing

holiday stock music

This collection of light-hearted and merry tracks is a perfect spice to any holiday-themed project, reminiscent of those happy 1950s Christmas films, or the typical barrage of holiday feel good movies on your favorite streaming service. For any scenes capturing those fires so delightful – from looking at the lights to shopping – Happy Swing is a good choice to browse.

Floating on Air

holiday stock music

A strong album for those cinematic scenes in holiday movies and stories where the protagonist is about to seize their moment. It’s an orchestral stock music album with easy sounds and playful melodies, perfect for happy, romantic, or even melancholic settings.

Nostalgic Nights

nostalgic stock music

Full of old-timey swing and jazz sounds, Nostalgic Nights is another upbeat stock music album. And it’s great for the happier holiday moments. Featuring playful clarinets, jumpin’ big bands, rocking guitars. Toss those in with more elements that make that holiday sandwich come together just right and hopping.

Inspiring Beauty

inspiring stock music

Another orchestral album that, while not holiday-oriented, certainly fits all those endearing moments and instrumentations. Full of uplifting choirs, jingling bells, dramatic beauty and inspirational moments. It goes perfectly with the more serious moments in any holiday project.

Tender Moments

tender moments stock music

Another collection of orchestral stock music tracks to fill in the more somber and emotional moments in your holiday project. It’s delicately composed with simple piano, light strings, and an occasional woodwind. It works well with those quiet and pensive moments that require tender melodies that are still uplifting.

Home Cooking

jazz stock music

I find a light-hearted and merry jazz is always something associated with the holiday times. Something about this style of music makes me feel like cozying up with some coffee by the fireplace. Or perhaps sitting in a café with a view of some snow-covered castle. Home Cooking is the perfect album to capture that kind of mood.

Tres Jolie

french stock music

My last pick for holiday goodness is an album full of French jazz. Transport your viewers and listeners to a Christmas in Paris with this stock music collection of swinging, romantic and evocative tunes. Great for holiday travel shows and those merry Christmas shopping B-rolls.

Whatever you end up choosing, good luck to all your creations and happy holidays! Be sure to tag us on your social media on any of your holiday projects using Create Music – we’ll share it on our channels.

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