Stock Music for Rainy Days

Get your rainy time assets in order and find the perfect music to fit the atmosphere.

Winter is almost over and springtime is here. But before we get those May flowers, we’ve got to get through all the May showers. Get your assets in order and check out our royalty free music tracks that are perfect for rainy atmospheres. Is your shopping streak about to be beset by thunderstorms? Showing off your travels through the rainy streets? Does your podcast feature a bit of that romantic weather in the background? The following is a list of albums with different stock music styles that all capture the atmosphere just right, from lo-fi grooves and ambient soundscapes to piano interludes and orchestral movements.

Smooth Frequencies

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These crackling lo-fi tracks are perfect beats for rainy days. With vinyl crackles, lounge pianos, and wavering trumpets, these jazzy hip-hop melodies are just what’s needed for water on the windshield, and to glue the groove of your scenes together.

Emotional Interludes

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Beautiful and emotive-orchestral music for deeply moving stories of love, romance, mystery and memory. Melancholic pieces like Rainy Day and The Unopened Letter are perfect for slower, rainy scenes that seek to impact the emotions.


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Lean back and soak in the relaxing, inspiring atmosphere this album creates with its modern, clean, laid-back sound. Pluck your audience right out of their gray everyday routine and encourage to ponder, recharge and experience. Slower lounge club songs like Night On The Beach, Desert Sunset, and Liquid Grounds capture make for great soundscapes to rainy visual palettes.


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Capture your audience’s imagination with premium quality cinematic piano music, produced with meticulous care to bring this beautiful, emotionally deep and captivating album to life. These piano tracks, with occasional violin and pads, invoke the same feelings that rain stirs.

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This World

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These ambient soundscapes will lift your audiences to higher places of inspiration and devotion. From soft drones full of the sounds of nature, to meditations complete with solid rhythms, these tracks are perfect to round out your underscore and fill in any silences in need of an uplifting bed of sound. The slow beats and relaxed vibes are perfect the more positive scenes and moods associated with rainfall.

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Gentle and Beautiful

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Softly, slowly and tenderly captivating the audience, this album shines as a true gem in all heartfelt and emotional passages. Maintaining a consistent instrumental palette of soft piano and subtle orchestration, each piece develops its own unique dynamic and message, unfolding the album’s wide range of powerful emotions and nuances – from painting acoustic glimmers of light to the depths of the human mind.

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Dreams and Whispers

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This album of ambient music treads a line between electronic classical composition and new age sound design. Check out Explore The Now, Ganymede Tea, and Soft Frequencies for some inspiration on rainy soundtracks you might need for a science fiction setting.

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