Sounds of Spring

Bouncing spring time music for your spring time projects.

Spring is the time when flowers are coming out, people are resetting their lives, and adventures are ready to begin. This spring will probably have an especially larger bounce in our personal lives, considering past events and the oncoming vaccines – life is ready to begin again. With all your vlogs that have been in waiting, whether they’re anything from shopping videos to travel blogs, you’ll need an appropriate soundtrack to go along with them. Below we’ve got a list of some of our favorite royalty free stock music albums with bounce and energy, perfect to clean out your closets, kickstart your projects, and get moving.

Remember, when you use any of our stock music tracks, you’ve got the ability to customize it to your own projects. Each track comes with several variations and the awesome ability to change the length of the track to fit your needs, letting the track “rewrite” itself appropriately. Check out these features as you listen to the selection.

Power Source

Nothing can break out the spring vibes like some future bass and house. This album will transport your audiences to the clubs, beaches, and other party scenes with these wobbling basses, synth stabs, and shimmering chords. “Half Time” is an especially great, pumping tune full of wobbles and energy, “Shattered” is a high-energy trapstep piece sure to get you moving, while “Around the City” is a bit more laid back but keeps the head bouncing.

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Spring Cleaning

These funky sessions are made for motivation, without being too serious. There’s just enough playfulness in the bass lines and grooves to get your audience going and keep you in motion. My favorites here are “Do It Yourself”, which really captures the funk, and “Get Going” for a more laid back, bluesy movement.

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Economic Upswing

Full of bright and positive melodies, this collection of dance-inspired tracks moves to hold your audience’s attention and energy. The wind instrumentation, risers, and groove ensure an optimistic and exciting experience. The mix leans towards EDM and commercial music, but can be used for anything that needs that extra pump.

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Hope & Victory


For those looking for a more cinematic flavor, Hope & Victory composed by our staff composer Matthias Wolf, is a great set of inspirational works full of life and positivity. Each piece starts slowly and builds to inspire your audience, bringing encouraging progressions and rousing emotions to a full crescendo. Listeners will be uplifted by these heavenly beds of strings, choir-backed motivational progressions, and stirring horn movements. “Once In A Lifetime” is a rousing orchestral work complete with choirs and a female vocalist, while “Final Straights” has a very victorious climax and finishes in a solemn and thoughtful note.

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Quirky & Fun

Full of whimsical jazzy tunes with strong beats, this album is great for shopping b-rolls and anything to show a fun and happy passage of time. My favorites here are “Cookietown” for its interplay between brass and flute, and “Let’s Fetz” for its old timey clarinet-centric swing. Good things are coming!

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Full of energy and a explosive rhythm, Limitless is a great album to get your audience moving and start their day and season, greeting the May flowers and summer sun. This synth-heavy collection of EDM tracks are sure to fill your scenes with positive energy and vibes. Complete with risers, drops, and builds, these booming sounds full of deep bass kicks are perfect for any club scenes, car chases, or other scenarios where you need to inject some energy and break the limits.

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