Sounds of Winter

When we think of winter, we think of the cold, snow, and cloudy skies. But what about the perfect sounds for a wintry ad?

When we think of winter, we think of the cold, snow, and cloudy skies. The holidays are finished and now it’s time for that long, morose period before the flowers of spring. But what sounds do we think of? When we’re creating ads to capture the feel of the season, we need to keep in mind the music to set the right mood.

Check out these chilly albums for a proper dose of wintry music and get your creative juices flowing. Choose the right stock music for your project, change the length and the mix to make it fit perfectly, and voila.

Dreaming Piano

copyright free piano stock music

This collection of solo piano pieces moves from the pensive and peaceful to the tense and tearful, perfect for wintry landscapes and moods. It was recorded unlike any other collection of solo piano tracks: Using Create Music’s inspiring technology, you can adjust the volume of both the right and left hands independently as well as complementary bells and bass layers for each piece. Need the music even softer, or only delicate articulations without the arpeggios? With just one click remove the other half of the tune and shape the track into exactly what you need.


royalty free stock music techno

This mix of driving house and EDM tracks delivers to the audience positive vibrations and high-octane fun, perfect for a winter party to heat things up. The album is infused with Chicago soul and night club spirit and is packed with spacey pads, complex rhythms, bass-heavy kicks, and electric piano grooves. Adapt any track with Create Music’s custom length and mix features and make it perfect for your next project.

Richard Band Vol 3

copyright free dramatic music

Looking for something a little more dramatic for that scene of foreboding, snow covered fields and ice covered lakes? Check out this collection for symphonic masterworks designed to take an emotional dramatic story to the next level. A range of scenes can be scored with this collection: romantic, poignant, adventurous, and more. Thematic, memorable scores full of vibrant strings, woodwinds and brass. Features a large, live studio orchestra.

Artistic Impressions

royalty free stock music artistic

A collection of subdued, thought-provoking arrangements of pieces by legendary composer Erik Satie, the kind of quiet and beautiful works that are as delicate as falling snowflakes. This minimalist music is perfect for adding a light texture in the background of your scenes. Features compositions with piano and keyboard versions, giving increased versatility to the collection.

Dreams Atmosphere

royalty free dreams music

Welcome to a deeply meditative experience that explores vast sonic atmospheres and invites your audience to let their emotions take the spotlight. This album is packed with tranquil, immersive music perfect for quiet winter nights and is instantly customizable in length, mix and variation inside Create Music.

Ambient Flux

copyright free stock music ambient

Ambient Flux is a perfect and subtle companion for modern electronic soundtracks with a retro-ambient twist. Flowing synthesizer pads, vibrant basses and colorful melodies paired with nuanced electronic beats create a uniquely pleasant balanced pulse that takes your sound straight to the modern here and now. The 10 tracks range from calm and pleasant to vibrant, playful and driving, offering you an accurate and varied selection of styles. With Create Music’s customization options, this album is a timeless and substantial treasure for many years to come.

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