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Can I delete already exported projects?2018-10-23T14:08:05+00:00

No, once a project is created it will stay licensed. You cannot delete an existing project.

Can I use already exported music for another project?2019-05-13T10:58:51+00:00

No, exported projects can only be used for the project you specifically licensed and defined them for during the export. If you have used one of our tracks in a project and want to use it in another one, you will have to create a new project and export the track once more with a license that is specifically tailored to that project.

Can I use your music on projects for third parties?2019-05-13T12:20:05+00:00

If you want to use our music in products for your clients, you need an active Business subscription plan. The personal plan does not allow that. Please note that your client needs to follow the license specifications of your subscription. If you need a different scope of license you can upgrade it on a project basis or upgrade your existing plan.

Do unused projects expire?2019-05-13T10:57:03+00:00

Your number of projects resets from the day of your subscription every month/year. Unused projects will not be taken over into a new time period.

How are audio files exported with Create Music?2019-05-13T10:31:58+00:00

Previews are exported as mp3 files containing an audio brand, finished projects will be exported as 48kHz WAV.

How do I export a project?2018-10-23T14:18:25+00:00

Once your project is ready to be exported, save it to enter the name and type (video, podcast,…) of your project. Then, you will get the ability to export it.

Apart from the exported music file you will receive a cue sheet for the project you created.  Please take good care of this as this document will hold vital information about the music you have used.

How do I use the application?2019-05-13T12:26:19+00:00

You can access the Create Music application by clicking on “GO TO APP” in the top menu and start perusing the music catalog for a suitable track for your project. Once you’ve put a track to the timeline, you can customize its length by dragging and dropping the edges of the track. You can add as many tracks to the timeline as your projects demands. Load the video into your browser to go with the track(s) at any time in the process. To save your project you need to create a user account. Click here for a video demonstration.

How often does the music catalog get updated?2019-05-14T10:58:19+00:00

We update our music catalog regularly, at least once a month. The time frame can vary from time to time.

I received a copyright claim on YouTube due to one of your tracks. What do I do?2019-05-13T12:40:45+00:00

First of all, this is nothing you need to worry about. If you have properly licensed the project during a subscription, there is nothing illegal about the use of the music. You can dispute the claim by going through YouTube’s dispute process, entering “Create Music” as a reason. This should be enough to drop the claim. Click here to watch a video to learn more about the process.

Some of Create Music’s catalog is licensed on a non-exclusive basis by composers who also submit it to other revenues. Sometimes, these revenues upload the music into content ID even though they are not allowed to do so, which causes the false claims.

What does a subscription entail?2019-05-14T10:57:13+00:00

A subscription gives you full access to our interactive music catalog (more than 3300 interactive tracks!) for individual customization and use in your projects without watermarks. Depending on your subscription plan you are given a certain number of projects per month/year free to export. Once you’ve run out of that quota, you can conduct no more exports until the next term (month/year) of your subscription plan has started or you’ve upgraded your plan. In addition, you can upgrade your license on a project basis if needed. To do so, just contact us at info@createmusic.com.

What happens if I cancel my subscription?2019-05-13T12:47:37+00:00

Once you cancel your subscription, your plan will run out with the end of your current subscription period. All of your already licensed projects stay licensed as they are and you can continue to use the application but lose the option to export finalized projects.

What is a cue sheet?2019-05-13T10:30:42+00:00

A cue sheet contains all legal information of a track namely which music track was used, the length that was used and the composer of the piece. Always keep your cue sheets in a safe place after you’ve released a project with our music, in case you need to verify the use of music in your project.

What kind of video files does Create Music support?2019-06-05T10:02:51+00:00

Support of your video format is fully dependent on the web browser you’re using. You are not uploading a video to our server, it is fully loaded from your local machine. The best supported video format for web browsers is usually .mp4 encoded with H.264 and AAC audio.