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We asked our staff what their favorite albums are. Their picks will surprise you.

With over 3,000 royalty-free tracks and counting, organizing them into a coherent space can be a daunting task. Especially when it comes to making them easily searchable for you, so you can find exactly what you want quickly and easily.

You’ve spent all day browsing the Internet, looking for songs that would perfectly suit your project. And it’s our job to make it easy for you. We know you’ve had a long day of recording and editing, and this is the last thing you need to be a hindrance. Music should be fun, and we’re pretty convinced that Create Music does make it fun.

All that’s why we use albums as one of many ways to search for music.

What’s in an album?

Every month, we release one or two albums. Each album is about 10 songs, plus or minus a few. They’re typically by one artist, and sometimes following a theme (in which case, they might be including the work of several artists).  We keep up with all the latest trends and styles, so that your projects always sound fresh.

If you’ve noticed on our Instagram and Facebook, we do like to go through a lot of our older albums and revisit them, too. There are a lot of classics that still sound good. Be sure to subscribe there to stay up to date on our newest releases and revisit our old ones.

Our favorites

I went around the office – okay, not the actual office since everybody’s been working remote due to covid – and asked what everyone’s favorite albums are and why. Check out their recommendations below, they’ve got some great picks!

Cinematic Impact

Cinematic impact adaptive stock music

“My favorite album at the moment is Cinematic Impact – very fun to work with when doing product trailers, because it’s just that devastating. Also, there are many breaks, transitions, and FX making them very flexible; they can be cut and rearranged with ease. I even fused two tracks together at one point, that’s how well they synergize.” — Jannic

Floating On Air

Floating on air adaptive stock music

Floating On Air. This album shows an emotional richness that only orchestral music can express. All the fragility and hope with which life’s struggles finds its way into the tracks and reaches your heart.” — Simon

Shaping Tomorrow

Shaping tomorrow adaptive stock music

Shaping Tomorrow: I like it because of its uplifting yet energetic character. It screams adventure and excitement, all with a rocky and catchy vibe. Favorite track has gotta be Canvas.” — Hannes


Reflection adaptive stock music

Reflection – A Cinematic Piano Score: Although I remember all the pain I had encoding this, I always was encouraged by the top notch quality of this cinematic score and it turned out to be our best-selling album of the time. I have a soft spot for concept albums and hearing as different motifs and themes sound throughout the different pieces – especially in unconventional time signatures, such as 7/8 – makes my heart beat higher. My favorite track is probably ‘For Mary’.” — Hannes

Captivating Portraits

Captivating Portraits stock music

Michael Reinmuller’s Captivating Portraits: It’s a colorful mixture of country, world music, new age, and psychedelic. What makes the album special is the bold and unexpected musical decisions Reinmuller makes within the individual pieces.” — Felix

What’s your favorite album? Let us know in the comments.

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