New features for podcasters

Did you know you can upload your whole podcast to the Create Music app now? Making a fully customized soundtrack for your podcast has never been easier.

Create Music has always been great for Podcasters, though before it was only possible to upload a small bit of your podcast in mp4 format. We knew that was an annoying limitation, and many of our users reached out to us to get it changed.

And we have!

We’re here now to tell you that Create Music is now easier than ever to use in your workflow.

Simply click and drag any project up to 60 minutes and bring it onto the Load Project area. You can now add tracks and sound effects anywhere onto your timeline. The only caveat is that any track that you add can only be 10 minutes long, however you can always just drag another copy of it onto the timeline and repeat it.

After creating the perfect background track with all the right music and FX, export it and then add it to your podcasting program of choice.

Remember though, the best way to use background music is to use it wisely and not just everywhere. For more tips on using music with your podcast, check out our previous blog.

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