Stock music vs. Create Music

Having trouble finding the right music for your project? You’d be surprised how easy it can be.

Finding the right music

Content creation was different before Create Music came along.

When I was setting up my YouTube channel, I knew I needed some music. The quiet, stark thing does work for some people, but they’re definitely the exceptions to the rule. It’s a simple fact: Music makes content more engaging and recognizable, and works as the glue to hold an experience together.

Before Create Music, there were few options. Sure I could make my own music, or I could go the stock music route. I’m lucky enough to be a musician myself, but soon I found that making new sounds just for my YouTube episodes was getting a bit tedious. I wanted to make the content and let that be my focus. But the music editing was taking up more and more time.

I could just put up random music, right?


There would then be all sorts of copyright issues. I had to have original music, or at least licensed music.

That left me with a few options: I could hire a musician to make different tracks for me. Or I could buy some music from some random site. And remember this was all before Create Music.

Hiring a musician

If you want the most customized and unique music, this is obviously the best way to go. You can tell the musician what you want, the mood you want, and all that, every single time, and they’ll compose for you something new every single time. It takes a lot of work and coordination, and worst of all musicians aren’t cheap. Though people like to treat musicians as though they are.

Unless you’re a Hollywood producer or PewDiePie, it’s not likely you have the financial freedom to pay someone to make music for your channel. (Ironically, PewDiePie generally doesn’t have music on his show…). If you do have the money to spend though, let me refer you to our sister company, Dynamedion, composed of an elite taskforce of industry professionals who’ve written soundtracks for Lucasfilm, EA, and Disney, among others.

But to be honest, if we’re just talking about background music to set the mood, is it really all that necessary having to work with a musician? Calling back and forth, changing specifications, timings, and so on and so on, yadda yadda? It’s important, yes, but should it really be that huge of money and time investment?

Traditional stock music

That left me with traditional stock music. At the time there were just three or four sites, and now there are probably at least twenty. I’ll be honest, there’s a lot of good talent out there, and they’re selling their work across the Internet.

I was quite surprised. I remember from my first experiences with stock music, it was just cheap MIDI files playing muzak. Now there are a lot of professional musicians devoting their time making quality tunes for commercial purposes.

It was clear I was on the right track.

Stock music is really good quality these days. Even better than what I make. Frankly, I’m a bit embarrassed.

I bought a stock music track for fifty bucks. I had a good intro now.

But what about an outro? And what about background music? I needed different background music for each episode. And I wanted to stick to the same theme, but did that mean I had to purchase another song altogether?

Tracks from stock music websites are great, but they are too inflexible. And there was the other problem: I kept recognizing the songs I had wanted on other YouTube channels.

Looking for something different

I was sitting at the bar with a friend of mine when he told me about Create Music.

“Did you know there’s a service where you can get the best of both worlds? Custom music that’s flexible and varied, made by talented musicians, easy to use, and affordably priced?”

Okay, he didn’t have quite the salesman voice about it, but that’s basically what he said.

He turned me on to Create Music, and now here I am so excited about it that I’m writing blogs for them and ignoring my YouTube content. And so it goes.

Why Create Music?

My friend wasn’t lying.

Create Music has over 3,300 tracks and counting. Every month even more are added.

You can find any style you can imagine. Just type it in and it builds a list for you.

But the real beauty of Create Music is how flexible it is.

You can change the length of the track to fit your scene. If you need it shorter or longer, you just click and drag the bar and watch the music magically change itself and line up perfectly. This isn’t simply because of some crazy algorithm, but because the musicians have written so many versions of their pieces that it just works like that (yes, there is some computer wizardry assisting this as well).

If you need it more minimal, you can take out various instruments, or emphasize other instruments. You can change the volume throughout the track wherever you need.

They’ve also written several variations of each track, so if you need different versions of the same motive for the same episode, then no problem. Or if across episodes you want to keep everything thematically whole, this feature makes it super easy to do.

With all these customization options, it means that even though each track is available to everyone, it can be customized to such a degree it’d be absolutely unique to your project.

It really is the best of both worlds.

It works on a subscription basis too, so no matter how many episodes you have to make, you have the music at your fingertips.

You can keep reading about all the things it can do, or you can just try it yourself. Go ahead. Do it. Click here. Your first month is free with no obligation.

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