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The Create Music application currently works best with the latest Firefox and Chrome browsers. We're working on support for the Safari browser.
When importing a video, it is NOT being uploaded to our servers. The video is being loaded from your local machine.

Currently best supported video format: MP4 with H.264 and AAC
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Complete our guided tutorial to learn how easy it is to create customized soundtracks for your videos with Create Music!

Text Search Click into the "Search Music" text field in the upper left hand corner. Enter the word “Uplifting” and select it from the "Emotions" column in the drop down menu. Music Filter You can also browse through the various filters. Expand the "Browse Music Filters" area by clicking the "+"-icon right below the text search field. Narrow down your search and select “Film Trailer” from the "Productions" column. To finish this step, close the "Browse Music Filters" popup. Listen To Previews Use the preview / play buttons in the "Search Results" tab to listen to any preview for at least 5 seconds.. Add Track To Timeline Select the track “Joyous Moment” and then click on "Add Track To Timeline". Let's listen to the track by clicking the play button above the timeline.

(You can add more than one track to the timeline but for this tutorial, we only need one track)
Load Video For this guided tour, we prepared a video that can be added by simply clicking the following button.
Add Video
Basically you can load any video file from your computer.
Change Track Length Notice how the music is too long for the video? Simply grab the end of the track and resize it to fit the video length of 24 seconds. The track will be automatically rearranged to fit the new length. To finish Step 6, please click the play button to listen to the rearranged track. Change Track Variation For each track, Create Music offers several variations, so you can try different styles of a track.

In the "Customize Track" window on the left, select the variation “Thoughtful”. To hear the result play the track until the end.
Add Mix Change You can freely mix the layers of a track, add mix changes and fade between them. Create Music offers several mix presets for each track. Drag the play head to about 0:05 seconds and add a mix change by clicking the "Add Mix Change" icon. Change Mix & Transition Let's give the track a softer mix for the start. Click the first mix section in the timeline and select the mix "Small Group" from the "Select Mix" dropdown. For a smooth transition, set the transition time to about 500ms. Add Volume Automation To duck the music for the voice over, add a volume automation. Activate the "Automation Mode" and add 4 markers between 0:10 and 0:16 each by doubleclicking the automation line. Move a marker by dragging it with the mouse to the correct position. Trim the Track The audio of the clip has a sound effect for the final logo animation. To cut the music without rearraning it, switch to "Trim Mode". Trim the end of the track to about 00:19.700. Export Preview Congrats, you just created your first custom soundtrack with Create Music. Let's listen to the final result by clicking "Play". Finally click "EXPORT PREVIEW MP3" at the top of the screen to export your track and finish the Tutorial. Login or create a FREE account to export the track. Share With Friends Thank You! Now you now the basics of Create Music and you're ready to go. If you like Create Music, we'd be happy if you share our brand-new web-app with your friends and colleagues.